1. Hardware/Networking Solutions

2. Software Solutions ( Textile ERP Solution Overview )

3. Web Solutions

4. Multimedia Solutions

5. IT Outsourcing Solutions


1. Hardware/Networking Solutions:

· Local Area Network (LANs)
· Corporate Intranets
· Wide Area Networks (WANs)
· Remote Access Setups
. WiFi & Internet Sharing

When it comes to networking the size is just a piece of stats for us. We work on anything ranging from a small 5 user peer-to-peer network or a 500 user enterprise. With oodles of experience to fall back on, we assure you flawless execution. We have experience with the following network operating systems: Novell Netware, SCO Unix, Redhat Linux and Windows NT/2000 (Windows family)
The Gurus of time management will vouch for the fact that every minute at the workplace is precious. At such a juncture, internal communication needs to be fast and easy. With every passing day, companies are coming out with new ways to enhance internal communication. In the past, we have created several Intranets for effective communication and operations at several companies. What's more, we have also attuned ourselves with the latest and the emerging in the field. Installations, upgrades, maintenance, you may leave all that to us and be assured of smooth functioning.

Not every task these days is done within the office premises, even if it involved using computers. But it is very necessary to establish connection with the firm or organization. We can establish remote access setups, which will help an employee, stay in touch with the workplace, irrespective of the geographical location.

Some of the features we offer for LAN/WAN setup are:

· Telephony
· VPN design and implementation
· System design
· Network administration
· Network optimization

2. Software Solutions :

Customized Application Development

Suntech an India based company provide customized application development for software, database. We are committed to consummate your customized application requirements, as our highly certified staff provides the conceptualization, design, development, and test services required to launch your web software initiative. Our focus areas include extranet, intranet, business-to-business solutions, yet also extends to targeted industry applications

Why Custom Application Development?

Custom Application Development allows clients to furnish his/her business strategies when packaged software does not adequately address their requirements. Custom Application developed by considering the post-implementation issues. Application Development is delivered within the context of client's business objectives and strategies.

Customized Application Development

Our software developers are experienced in operations best practices and develop software applications with operations personnel in mind. The result of our software application development is effective and operations user-friendly. User training time is reduced and the software delivers results.

Here is a list of several applications that we have developed for our clients.

1. Software Customization
2. Database Management

Database/Client Server Programming

The creation of complete database applications is yet another field that we specialise in. Our applications come in all sizes, be it a one-table database, or a massive client-server application. Armed with the requisite skill and experience, we are the safest bets for your organization. And mind you, we never miss deadlines.

In simple words, it means that we do it your way. Putting our best foot forward, we work with the latest technology and create softwares that will simplify your operations and will be cost-effective.

3. Web Solutions:

Domain Registration:

For anyone to set up a website, the first step is domain registration. Everyone these days is registering a domain name for present or future needs. And we can register your favorite domain name at a price to die for. So, check out for the list of available domain names lest you miss out on your desired domain name.

Web Hosting:

We Host your website at our windows 2000 Windows 2000 / 2003 server located at Ventures Online Network Operation Center, Texas, USA.

Transfer of Existing Website:

If you feel that the current server/registrar is not satisfactory, we can even help you to transfer your existing website to our server/registrar.

Windows 2000 / 2003, Linux Web Hosting:

We offer 10 MB, 50 MB, 200 MB web hosting. We also offer custom web hosting as per your requirements.

4. Multimedia Solutions

Suntech is an India based multimedia solution provider IT company; we bring together the best in multimedia design technologies so that you stay a creative step ahead of your competition.

Multimedia Design ensures maximum penetration with higher acceptance levels, when it comes to communicating your message, professionally produced multimedia presentation on CD, DVD or via the internet excite your customers senses and engage them in an interactive experience as they are taken on a guided tour of your products and services.
Our areas of expertise are in creating Multimedia CD-Rom based learning programs, corporate multimedia presentations, online multimedia games, scientific and biomedical multimedia animations, multimedia web design, or multimedia video web, we can create anything your mind can imagine.

We also provide multimedia-programming service, including database-driven applications to help make your site more dynamic and to meet your business needs. Our multimedia experts give you a unique multimedia solution; by providing customized software according to your multimedia requirement. Our multimedia solutions include G raphic Design and 3D Development. As stated above we can even put your Multimedia Design for the World Wide Web

Suntech provides Multimedia Outsourcing Solution Services and Offshore Multimedia Development Service from India


Graphic Design

Graphic design has the power to lift web site, text, pictures or video presentation to an art form. Graphic design quality is what separates a site from those with a similar idea, or content. Today, businesses around the world recognize the importance of Graphic Design.
Bits cape specializes in many areas related to graphic designing. We are a India based Graphic Design company assists many clients and their businesses, we are committed to producing professional, cost-effective Graphic Design solutions, our graphic design service includes corporate branding, corporate logos, corporate presentations, logo designing, brochure design, printed brochures, online interactive brochures, online catalogs, motion graphics, stationary design and all print related graphic work along with all web designing work.
We have the expertise and the artistic ability to carry out all your customized graphic design requirements. Our graphic designing team is very much proficient with all the latest designing software, which allows us to enhance your requirements.

We also offer the following:-

Graphic Design Work
Web banners
Navigation Interfaces
Animated GIF's
3D Graphics

5. IT Outsourcing solutions

Suntech nourished an IT Outsourcing solutions in India essentially to provide cost-effectiveness to its outsourcing partners and clients worldwide. We organizes and manages the team, supervises the project life cycle and constantly trains and keeps our team updated with the latest development concepts and techno.

Why IT Outsource to India ?

IT Outsourcing to India is very advantageous because of its cost effectiveness, premium quality, best resource utilization and optimum time management. That is why India is far more preferred as IT Outsource Services provider.
Outsourcing can be an extremely complex and complicated undertaking. Each facet of the exercise needs to be carefully considered and properly executed. There is little margin for error if full value is to be obtained. There are few articles and information available on the Internet describing hidden cost and cons of outsourcing IT, Design, services. But we have proved it a myth for the outsource partners and companies. Our outsourcing partner and company can tell you the fact that they saved the money and time. This makes us a trusted outsourcing service provider in India. Your selection of our company as your outsourcing solution provider proves to be in benefit of you and your customers.
Our Outsourcing Service offers complete solution of job outsourcing, software development outsource, web development outsourcing, and offshore outsourcing.

Reason Why Outsource to India?

Human Resource
India is world's second highly populated country; human resources are a boon by itself. There is handsome percentage of people in young age. One c0an easily find highly qualified and technically skilled IT professionals. That is one of the important point why India has succeeded in the field of IT outsourcing.

Cost Benefits
This is one the major reasons, which makes a company, outsource to India. Significant cost saving can be achieved by IT outsourcing to India, owing to the wide gap between the personal costs in India and that of the developed countries. Offshore outsourcing to India offers considerable economical benefits for those who are prepared to exploit the advantages of outsourcing.


Outsourcing to India is synonymous with flexibility. When facing a large project but of short duration, one can easily manage the no. of person for particular project.

Experience and Expertise

The qualified manpower of the country is well equipped with equally good exposure and experience in the new and upcoming technologies. The experience and expertise ranges from providing solutions to a small grocery vendor to a large MNC corporation. These both advantages not only have boost up the outsourcing to India but also has helped India gain the name of an IT powerhouse.


Needless to say that the Indian companies today have been focusing heavily on quality work that meets the international standards of the likes of ISO & SEI-CMM. The ratio of international standard operating companies in India to that of the world has zoomed to 60% of the total. Thus India today is becoming a powerhouse for outsourcing just on the potential that it has in store for the world.


Today each and every town of India is connected via telecom and internet and this technology gearing up has been focused to reach each and every village of India thereby enabling a hi-tech network across the country as well as the world. India shows its pride in owning high quality satellite and submarine communication links that keeps India connected to the world. This has enabled the outsourcing companies around the world experience hurdle less communication with their vendors irrespective of the location they may be operating from.


The IT revolution has not only taken over the individual citizen who wants to have development but also has given a dream to our Pro-IT government to enable all the required facilities in India for out sourcing which will enable tremendous growth to the Indian economy. The Government has set up policies and plans to take create an IT environment that has helped improve the overall infrastructure and the communication facilities which in turn has shaped up India's image as an upcoming IT economy. The policy in terms of import and export and licensing says everything about the tremendous development that the government is looking forward to.

Stable Government facilitating IT Growth

India has a stable pro - IT government whose policies, economy, GDP growth, taxation, power, telecom, industrial parks & special zones have been helpful in improving the infrastructure as well as communication. The government proves to be a great support for software firms by further providing all the basic facilities required for an outsourcing company to flourish thus playing a major role in contributing to the success and well being of IT outsourcing to India.

Indian Government Policies

IT is regarded as one of the top 5 priority industries in India. IT is a part of the national agenda, and policies are framed so as to obtain maximum benefit out of IT outsourcing to India.
The liberalization and deregulation initiatives taken by the government are aimed at supporting growth & integration with the global economy. These reforms have enabled the entry of foreign companies to the Indian market. FDI investment from NRI's including Overseas Corporate Bodies (OCB's); owned by the NRI's are warmly welcomed in India.

The new National Telecom Policy has invited private participants to the Indian telecom sector.
The IT bill passed in 2000, gives a legal framework for the recognition of electronic contracts, prevention of computer crime and electronic filing of documents. NASSCOM along with the government is playing a notable role in protecting the interests of the IT sector. Thus with all these help, IT outsourcing to India has reached a point of no turning back.

Suntech Solutions is a quality IT enabled company established by a team of experienced IT professionals. The company provides Compleate solutions for hardware,software, networking, web, multimedia and more. based at Karur, India. The company focuses on outsourcing work from all around the world.
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