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DeAndre Hopkins Can Carry Houston Texans Offense to Playoffs Again When most casual fans think of the Houston Texans,Ezekiel Elliott Jersey they think defense. The image of J.J.Mike Evans Jersey Watt tearing up offensive lines immediately jumps to the forefront. What is easily overlooked are some of the stars on offense. It can be forgiven.Laremy Tunsil Jersey Without Arian Foster at running back, the Texans were almost completely devoid of standout offensive players in 2015. Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins was the exception.Mark Ingram Jersey Hopkins gave even Antonio Brown (widely recognized as the best receiver in football last year) a run for his money through a significant portion of the 2015 campaign. He finished the season with the third best yards (1521), eighth in touchdowns (11),Carson Wentz Jersey fourth in receptions per game (6.9), and fourth in yards per game (95.Darrelle Revis Jersey1) in the league. All told, Hopkins showed he can be among the best at his position.Jason Witten Jersey He did all of this in 2015 while being dragged down by one of the worst quarterback situations in the NFL's last few years. As highlighted by NFL Spin Zone's Michael Davis: Hopkins put him his best numbers as a professional thus far which is extremely impressive considering the Texans went through four different quarterbacks last season, all of which are mediocre to below average at best.Aaron Rodgers Jersey Those four quarterbacks were Brandon Weeden, T.J.Ryan Tannehill Jersey Yates, Ryan Mallett, and Bryan Hoyer.Eli Apple Jersey That's hardly an All-Star lineup for the stud wide receiver to be posting some of the best numbers in football. Hopkins' peers almost all had the benefit of being paired with better quarterbacks. Julio Jones has Matt Ryan, Odell Beckham Jr. has Eli Manning, Brown has Ben Roethlisberger, Brandon Marshall even had Ryan Fitzpatrick's renaissance aiding him. Hopkins, meanwhile, had to turn up to work each and every Sunday knowing that he had to dig deep to carry his team to victory